Recycled and Sexy: Maasai Treads’ must have sandals!


20130811_122603Have you ever toyed with the idea of reversing your carbon footprint through supporting and purchasing certain products? Yes we’re talking recycled products, and in this case, recycled from rejected car tyres and inner tubes. Transforming an imperfect tyre into functional and fashionable footwear, with hints of previously owned leather and denim pieces from the mitumba markets.That is work of Maasai Treads.

gents kikoy inner wallWhat used to be someones sleek wheels, can now be your sexy footwear. Like seriously, If you’re a Kenyan you need to have a pair of these and be proud to rock them anywhere.

Maasai Treads is a good example of a successful fashion brand in Kenya, with outlets in all the major Nakumatt malls in Nairobi and the coast. Easily accessible, I reckon we should be wearing more of these comfy (they really are comfy and cushy), subtly sexy and fashionable treads for the good cause and also to look good :-). There is something for every guy and girl out there.

Maasai Treads will be setting up at NFM this Fall 2013 on the 26th & 27th October at the Ngong racecourse…and a few of us will be rocking their sandals. Look out for them on the catwalk too.

gents samburu n20130811_122500