IMG_6899Hi everyone and happy new year. I know…we’ve been a little quiet on our end. We never like to leave you in the dark. Anyhuuu! We are back, I’m sure you still delighted yourselves in the great content that we already had in our archives….Kenyan fashion, designers and entrepreneurs rocking the city and the region.

Here’s what we’ll do, just give you a little preview on what happened at our FALL Edition 2013, as we prep for SPRING Edition 2014, coming up in March 8th & 9th.

blog 2In our Fall edition, we set up at our new venue, Ngong Racecourse. It was much nicer, green grass, lovely scenery, secure, quiet and more intimate. Our stalls looked fabulous and harmonized with the background, the golf course and the race tracks…all so lovely.

The Fashion shows were really eye opening for the aspiring designers and models. It just went to show that NFM focuses on creating a platform for them and gives them the opportunity to come out of their shells and further their careers.

Let’s not forget the mad shopping that was going on the whole time. Thanks to our exhibitors, that consist of local designers, artists, entrepreneurs, health and wellness specialists, interior designers, pet groomers, photographers, makeup artists and stylists…you name it!, NFM is what it is today.

So Congratulations to all the stakeholders from the industry at NFM. We appreciate your support and effort and look forward to growing to be a successful forum for Kenyan Fashion. If you missed this edition, you can always catch the next one which is coming up soon.